New Release “All it Took”
Sometimes you just gotta stick to your guns and stick to your vision. That’s the mentality in the new track by Jacuzzi Fuzz, “All it Took” dropping Friday, 1/20! “This is a song we’ve had for a while, we decided to fine-tune the arrangement and finally record it, meticulously, over the process of a year.” Featuring trumpets, trombones, and organs, the song gets the message out, about an unwillingness to budge, through colorful chords and an epic bridge.

Established in the melting pot of Miami, Florida, Jacuzzi Fuzz is a product of its environment – an amalgamation of Latin roots, hip hop beats, reggae riddims and hot-tempered punk rock. The Fuzz started in 2002 as a three-piece band influenced by the sounds of 80s/90s punk rock, Roots and Dance-hall reggae music, a thriving local hardcore scene, and an exposure to a wealth of Latin music.

They wanted to make noise and shake up the scene – youths eager to play gigs and have their voices heard. Founding members Andy Clavijo (vocals, guitar), Johnny Colorado (drums, percussion), and later Charlie Labarca (bass guitar) played anywhere that would take them – from local house parties to dive bars to larger venues that started to take notice. After years of distributing early recordings tracked in local colleges, in 2009 they released their first EP “Mourning Miami” and in 2010, “The Best Worst-Case Scenario” LP.

The original trio eventually parted ways, but after a five-year hiatus, Andy and Johnny regrouped bringing in new members, and in December 2016, the band released two new singles, “In Orbit” and “Hoverboard”, both mixed and recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX. Since then, the Fuzz has added keyboards and horns to the lineup, recorded music during a global pandemic, and are starting 2023 up with a new single titled “All it Took”.

Jacuzzi Fuzz has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with: Authority Zero, The Expendables, State Radio, The Slackers, The Supervillains, Big D and the Kids Table, Whole Wheat Bread and others.

2007 – “Mourning Miami”, LP, compilation of music recorded 2005 to 2007
2009 – “The Best Worst-Case Scenario”, LP, Treehouse Records
2016 – “In Orbit”, Single
2016 – “Hoverboard”, Single
2023 – “All it Took”, Single, Rebel Sound Records

Andy Clavijo – Guitar/Vocals
Jonathan Colorado – Drums
Xevi Valles – Keyboards

Hometown: South Florida